Who is the top 10 best rapper? (2023)

Who is the No 1 rapper in world?

1. Eminem. Eminem introduced rap listeners to a unique style. The metaphors and wordplay Eminem uses are the best in the world, and his lyrics are also one of the finest of all time.

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Who is the best rapper in the world 2022?

Top 20 Best Rappers in 2022: List of Famous Musicians
  • MF Doom – British-American Rapper.
  • Royce Da 5'9″ – American Rapper.
  • Kool G Rap – American hip hop artist.
  • Nas – American Rapper.
  • Playboi Carti.
  • Jay-Z – American Rapper.
  • Chali 2na – American Painter and Rapper.
  • Tech N9ne – American Rapper.
10 Oct 2022

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Who is the hottest rapper right now 2022?

It is unclear if this is in any particular order, but this is how Miller shared his list:
  • Kendrick Lamar.
  • Pusha T.
  • J. Cole.
  • Kodak Black.
  • Boldy James.
  • Vince Staples.
  • Lil Durk.
  • Lil Baby.
3 Jun 2022

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Who is the top 3 rappers?

Top 10 Best Rappers of All Time
PositionRapperTop Strength
2Tech N9neFlow
3Chali 2naMultisyllabic Rhymes
6 more rows
7 Dec 2022

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Who was the 1st white rapper?

1989: Queens duo MC Serch and Pete Nice debut as 3rd Bass, the first white rap act for whom whiteness is not at least in part an uproarious crossover gimmick.

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Who is the best new rapper?

  • Baby Tate.
  • BIA.
  • Coi Leray.
  • Doechii.
  • Duke Deuce.
  • EST Gee.
  • Mavi.
  • Nardo Wick.

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Who is the king of rap of all time?

King Of Rap is a highly honorable title that is hard to associate with only one hip-hop artist as there are countless hip-hop artists and enthusiasts today. However, there is one name that is respected and appreciated by almost all different branches of hip-hop; Eminem.

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Who is the best male rapper in 2022?

Following the show, K-Dot was revealed as the winner of this year's Best Male Hip Hop Artist award. Kendrick beat out a list of some of hip-hop's biggest stars including Drake, Future, J. Cole, Jack Harlow, Kanye West and Lil Baby. Kendrick's credentials over the last year include the release of his new album, Mr.

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Who is the fastest rapper alive?

The fastest rapper in the English language is US artist Ab-Soul, rapping 8.31 seconds per second on average. The fastest Italian artist is Shiva, who raps an impressive 6.33 syllables per second on average. Puerto Rican artist Kendo Kaponi is the fastest in Spanish, rapping an average of 6.11 syllables per second.

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Who is the queen of rap 2022?

Nicki Minaj: Queen of Rap (2022) - IMDb.

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Who was the best rapper?

  • #1 Jay-Z.
  • #2 Lil Wayne.
  • #3 Kanye West.
  • #4 Kendrick Lamar.
  • #5 Notorious B.I.G.
  • #6 Tupac Shakur.
  • #7 Dr. Dre.
  • #8 Snoop Dogg.

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Who won hip hop album of the year 2022?

After landing 14 GRAMMY nominations across his three-decade career, Nas nabbed his first-ever GRAMMY win, for Best Rap Album, with ​​King's Disease at the 63rd GRAMMY Awards in March. King's Disease II, the album's follow-up released this summer, is a jubilant return to form for Nas.

Who is the top 10 best rapper? (2023)
Who is the father of hip-hop?

The location of that birthplace was 1520 Sedgwick Avenue, and the man who presided over that historic party was the birthday girl's brother, Clive Campbell—better known to history as DJ Kool Herc, founding father of hip hop.

Who is known as rap god?

Eminem is called a 'Rap God' for a reason.

Who is the most respected rapper?

fame is defined by the % of people who have heard of a rap & hiphop music artist. Find out more
  • 1 Snoop Dogg97%
  • 2 Kanye West96%
  • 3 Eminem94%
  • 4 Ice Cube94%
  • 5 Jay-Z93%
  • 6 Vanilla Ice92%
  • 7 MC Hammer91%
  • 8 50 Cent90%

Who is the best girl rapper?

Top 15 Best Female Hip Hop Rappers Of All Time
  • MC Lyte.
  • Queen Latifah.
  • Da Brat.
  • Missy Elliott.
  • Nicki Minaj.
  • Cardi B.
  • Megan Thee Stallion.
  • Remy Ma.

Who is the most gangster rapper?

Eazy-E is, without a doubt, the most notorious gangsta rapper of all. The artist was a gangbanging long before he ever stood close to a microphone, and it was this fearsome refusal to be anything other than “real” that attracted Dre to the artist in the first place.

Who invented rap?

The major pioneers of rapping were Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Kurtis Blow, and the Cold Crush Brothers, whose Grandmaster Caz is controversially considered by some to be the true author of some of the strongest lyrics in “Rapper's Delight.” These early MCs and deejays constituted rap's old school.

Who was the first guy to rap?

One of the first rappers at the beginning of the hip hop period, at the end of the 1970s, was also hip hop's first DJ, DJ Kool Herc. Herc, a Jamaican immigrant, started delivering simple raps at his parties, which some claim were inspired by the Jamaican tradition of toasting.

Who made the 1st rap song?

The Sugar Hill Gang's 12-inch single "Rapper's Delight" - released in 1979 - became the first rap song to be played on the radio.

Who is the richest rapper right now?

Top 10 Richest Rappers in the World (2022)
PositionRapperNet Worth
1Jay-Z$1.5 Billion
2Diddy$1.0 Million
3Berner$420 Million
4Kanye West (Ye)$500 Million
6 more rows
5 Dec 2022

How fast is rap god?

The song's tempo is 148 BPM.

Which rapper has the most hits?

Drake has tallied 11 No. 1 hits on the Hot 100 in his career, the most among rappers. Among all artists, though, he's tied with Whitney Houston for the seventh-most, after The Beatles (20), Mariah Carey (19), Rihanna (14), Michael Jackson (13), The Supremes and Madonna (12 each).

What is the number 1 rap song of all time?

51 Best Hip Hop Songs of All Time
  • 1. “ Lose Yourself” – Eminem. ...
  • “Bodak Yellow” – Cardi B. Cardi B - Bodak Yellow [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] ...
  • “Ms. Jackson” – Outcast. ...
  • “Mind Playing Tricks on Me” – Geto Boys. ...
  • “Dear Mama” – 2Pac. ...
  • “Lost Ones” – Lauryn Hill. ...
  • “Fight The Power” – Public Enemy. ...
  • “Juicy” – Notorious B.I.G.
18 Oct 2022

Who won the best rapper of the year?

Winners and nominees (1997-present)
2016Juicy JFetty Wap Future Wiz Khalifa Silentó
2017DrakeDesiigner Future J. Cole Rae Sremmurd
2018Juicy JDrake Lil Uzi Vert Migos Post Malone
2019DrakeCardi B Juice Wrld Post Malone Travis Scott
17 more rows

Who won best male hip hop artist?

Kendrick Lamar

What is the fastest rap song?

The 10 Fastest Rap Songs of All Time
  • DJ Lil Sprite – “Undaground Choppers 6”
  • Twisted Insane – “The Chop Shop” (2015) ...
  • Tonedeff – “Crispy (192)” (2013) ...
  • NoClue – “New West” (2005) ...
  • Tech N9ne – “Worldwide Choppers” ft. ...
  • Busta Rhymes – “Break Ya Neck” (2001) ...
  • Logic – “100 Miles & Running” ft. ...
  • Twista – “Mista Tung Twista” (1992) ...
19 Oct 2022

Who is the 1st fastest rapper?

In January 2005, the Guinness World Records recognized NoClue as the world's official “Fastest Rap MC.” He won this title with his song, “New West”, where he rapped 723 syllables in 51.27 seconds. His record is an average of 14.1 syllables every second.

What are 10 rappers?

Best Rappers of All Time
  • 2Pac. Tupac Amaru Shakur also known by his stage names 2Pac and Makaveli, was an American rapper. ...
  • Eminem. ...
  • The Notorious B.I.G. ...
  • Jay-Z. ...
  • Nas. ...
  • Rakim. ...
  • Kendrick Lamar. ...
  • Lil Wayne.

Is Cardi B queen of rap?

Speaking at the event, the Oscar-winning actress said: "I want to say thank you to Cardi B; she was my partner in crime, it's at this point that she called her the Queen of Hip-Hop".

Who has the most GRAMMYs?

Georg Solti holds the record for most Grammy awards, having received 31 in his career, according to the Recording Academy. The orchestra conductor also holds the record for most wins in the classical field. During his career, Solti was nominated for 74 Grammys.

Is Hip Hop still popular 2022?

6 overall). Collectively, those top five genres — R&B/hip-hop, Latin, rock, pop and world music — account for 68.78% of the growth overall in the first six months of 2022.

Who won Best Song of the Year 2022?

Silk Sonic's "Leave The Door Open" won the GRAMMY for Song Of The Year at the 2022 GRAMMYs. Written by Brandon Anderson (. Paak), Christopher Brody Brown, Dernst Emile II & Bruno Mars, “Leave The Door Open” has won two GRAMMYs at this year's ceremony: Best R&B Song and Best R&B Performance.

Who is no 1 rapper in india 2022?


Bilal Shaikh aka Emiway Bantai is one of the greatest names in the underground Hip Hop rap scenes. Emiway is an amalgamation of two words “Eminem” and “Lil Wayne”.

Who is the king rapper in the world?

King Of Rap is a highly honorable title that is hard to associate with only one hip-hop artist as there are countless hip-hop artists and enthusiasts today. However, there is one name that is respected and appreciated by almost all different branches of hip-hop; Eminem.

Who is KPOP best rapper?

Top 10 Fastest Rappers in Kpop
S.NoTop 10 Fastest Rappers in Kpop
2Chang Bin from Stray Kids
3Zico from Block B
4Zelo from B.A.P
6 more rows
2 Nov 2021

Who is India's rap king?

King is an Indian singer and rapper who made his TV debut on the MTV Hustle reality show in 2019. MTV Hustle allowed him to perform in front of Raftaar, Raja Kumari, and Nucleya. King currently is originally from New Delhi, India. King is a well-known and much-admired and adored Indian singer and rapper.

Who is No 2 rapper in India?

2. Yo Yo Honey Singh. Yo-yo honey Singh made a successful come back in the music industry, he is the most famous and expensive music director in the music industry. He is not an underground hip-hop rapper.

Who started rap?

Rap began in 1971, in the Bronx, with Kool Herc, who was from Jamaica. At block parties, Kool Herc would play two turntables by hand and manipulate the sound to create an entirely new sound, while he rapped the lyrics from the song he was playing.

Who started hip-hop?

Who invented hip-hop? The birth of hip hop is believed to date back to Aug. 11, 1973, where DJ Kool Herc, real name Clive Campbell, and his friend hosted a back-to-school party in Bronx, New York. Eighteen-year-old Campbell and his friend Coke La Rock are often referred to as the fathers of hip-hop.

Who is the top 5 fastest rapper in Kpop?

Top 10 Fastest K-pop rappers 2022
  • Stray Kids Changbin. Changbin, a member of the JYP Entertainment Stray Kids, was already well-known to K-pop fans for his rapid rapping when he joined the survival competition.
  • Big Bang G-Dragon. She's Gone feat. ...
  • SHINee MinHo. ...
  • BTS Suga. ...
  • Astro Rocky. ...
  • BTS J-hope. ...
  • Monsta X Jooheon. ...
  • BTS RM.

Who is Kpop queen?

1. Rosé (BLACKPINK) BLACKPINK's main vocalist and lead dancer, Rosé, placed 1st in the poll with 133,411 votes!

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