Who is the oldest Kryptonian? (2023)

How old can a Kryptonian live?

Kryptonian's Longevity

Usually female Kryptonians can vary from their teenage years (16-21), and males (22-25). However those that have aged being in their natural atmosphere and have only arrived in new terrain can only have their aging suspended where they already are.

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Who is the Kryptonian god?

The Kryptonian leader, Jaf-El, later established a monotheistic culture, wherein Rao was the sole god of all of Krypton. Churches were established in Rao's name and it was common for people of reputable bearing to procure lives for themselves as priests of Rao.

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How old is the Kryptonian race?

How old is the Kryptonian race? Krypton was formed 8.7 billion years ago, with the development of both unicellular and multi-cellular life leading to the creation and subsequent evolution of mammalian-like sapient beings known as Kryptonians.

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Who is the last survivor of Krypton?

As originally depicted, the entire civilization and race of Krypton perished in the explosion and became a new asteroid field, except for only one survivor: the baby Kal-El who was placed in an escape rocket by his father, Jor-El, and sent to the planet Earth, where he grew up to become Superman, .

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How long is 300 Kryptonian years?

Faora – A martial arts expert and hater of males, who was sentenced to 300 Kryptonian sun-cycles (411 Earth years) in the Phantom Zone for causing the deaths of 23 men in her own concentration camp.

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Can Kryptonians fly?

Flight. Kryptonians are able to fly. The power is rather simple, but the ability to change direction mid-flight, to use their strength on top of their flight, and the fact that they can fly faster than the speed of light makes their ability all the more impressive.

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Who is last son of Krypton?

The Last Son of Krypton may refer to: Superman, the last descendant of the Kryptonian race. The Eradicator, a Kryptonian artifact which briefly believed itself to be Superman.

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Why is Krypton's sun red?

Kryptonians. were as seen in Apocalypse. The cloned Kryptonians who were created by the Orb received their powers under a red sun instead of a yellow sun due to their genetic material being irradiated with blue kryptonite by Jor-El.

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How many Kryptonians are left?

Almost all Kryptonians were killed when the planet exploded shortly after the infant Kal-El was sent to Earth. In some continuities, he is the planet's only survivor. In other versions of canon, there is a last daughter of Krypton Kara Zor-El. She is a cousin of Superman and known as Supergirl.

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How long is Superman's life span?

In DC ONE MILLION, he lived on forever. In Kingdom Come, even though he was already cleary in his 50's or 60's. He lived on for another 1000 years.

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Is Kryptonian immortal?

Is Kryptonians immortal? This means that once exposed to a yellow sun, Kryptonians will age normally up to their prime, but the aging process will slow down considerably when their bodies reach a peak level of maturity. They are not immortal per se, but they age so slowly that they may as well be.

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Are Kryptonians immortal on Krypton?

This, along with their immunity to earthly diseases, bacteria, and viruses, provides a Kryptonian with a form of ageless immortality, unless they are killed by either a being of similar incalculable strength, or during an exposure to kryptonite xenominerals or a red sun's radiation.

Who is the oldest Kryptonian? (2023)
How long can Superman live up to?

He's essentially a solar battery, so he could live for a long time. He's still alive in the DC Universe in 84,571 AD according to DC One Million. According to Action Comics #1000, he's alive when the Sun expands and crushes the Earth, which is 3 - 5 billion years from now.

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