Where is Timmy hiding? (2023)

Where is Timmy hiding in Kingdom Come?

She'll manage to whisper that Timmy is hiding at the Kolbens' farm nearby - but you've got company. A squad of cutthroats will show up, led by an intimidating guy who wants to know who it is your looking for. He'll offer a bargain - tell him where Timmy is hiding out, and he might have work for you at his camp.

What happens if I tell them where Timmy is?

If you tell them the truth, they will immediately set off towards the Kolben farm, where they will kill the simpleton, before heading to the Samopesh Inn. Either follow them to the farm, or meet them at the Inn. Morcock and his thugs murder Timmy.

What happens if you help Morcock?

Although it is possible to murder Morcock, if you feed him information that leads to Timmy's location, he will reward you with coin.

Where is the bandit camp in Kingdom Come?

The Neuhof Bandits' Encampment is a location in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. It is a camp located in the Talmberg Woods, north of the Inn in the Glade.

Can you save Timmy in the forest?

The player gets to continue playing the game, but Timmy can never be revived, and so the narrative becomes one about a man driven to insanity after the loss of his child.

What is the sickness in KCD?

In the dialog with Nicodemus, the player needs to convey that the plague has affected about half of the villagers and all of the animals in Merhojed. If the player hasn't learned the Reading skill, they can describe the illness to Nicodemus as Fever, Stomach Pains, Diarrhea, and That's all.

Why is Timmy twitching the forest?

During the cut-scene, Timmy noticeably shakes and shivers and twitches, probably due to the brain damages the obelisk inflicted him by having his head pierced by a spike, due to the obelisk's internal shape.

How can I help Timmy?

My Friend Timmy quest guide
  1. Travel to the windmill south of Merhojed.
  2. Ask a villager about Timmy.
  3. Prepare for a fight and speak to his sister Mirka.
  4. Persuade or fight off the bandits.
  5. Travel to the Kolben's farm.
  6. Persuade Timmy to tell you where the bandits' camp is.
  7. Report to Sir Radzig.
Dec 18, 2018

How many bandits are in Pribyslavitz?

Pribyslavitz - Cuman Infiltration

You can often find a Cuman patrolling in front (make sure the two bandits are not sitting by the fire nearby when you go for him), or you can look for one or two of them guarding the bridge on the Northeast side.

Who Cures Merhojed?

Healing the sick

Once you're finished brewing, ride back to Merhojed and speak to Brother Nicodemus. Ask him about the situation and tell him that you've made a cure. He'll say that he will administer the cure to Old Straw's wife if you take it to the other villagers.

Should I report to Sir Radzig?

Back in Merhojed, report your progress to Sir Radzig, making sure that you say the dialogue responses in top-to-bottom order. When Sir Radzig asks how many bandits there are, say: “There's a lot of them.” Then when Sir Radzig asks you what the archers' positions are like, say: “They're positioned well.”

Can you convince Father Godwin?

Preach Father Godwin's sermon

To succeed you have to copy what the Father said to you in the tavern the night before. Start “Confidently”, and then say that God is above all. Then proceed “Harshly”, but then say “to sin is human”. Then finish “Harshly” again, and be critical, but stand up for Father Godwin.

Is Bandit Camp on every map?

Also, Bandit Camp does not appear on every map - try a new seed if it's not showing up on your server.

Where is Ginger hiding?

Ginger is being hidden at an old hut off of the road leading North to Uzhitz. Look for a spring and a tiny path curving off to the right and follow the old path to the hut (you may have even stumbled across it when hunting with Sir Hans.

Does The Forest have 2 endings?

Eric is then faced with either activating the artifact as a passenger flight passes overhead or shutting it down. The game features two endings: If Eric activates the artifact, he causes the plane to crash and is implied to have found a sacrifice to revive Timmy.

What happens if you banish Timmy 60 seconds?

When Timmy is caught reading comic books with soviet propaganda in them you are given the choice to banish him out in the wasteland, he will then appear dead if you choose to banish him.

What is the true ending of The Forest?

The player eventually discovers Timmy inside one of these artifacts, deceased. After removing his body, he attaches Timmy to Sahara Therapeutics' high-tech medical platform that can bring him back to life.

Where is Ginger hiding KCD?

Ginger is being hidden at an old hut off of the road leading North to Uzhitz. Look for a spring and a tiny path curving off to the right and follow the old path to the hut (you may have even stumbled across it when hunting with Sir Hans.

What to do with Timmy Kingdom Come?

Timmy worked at the Windmill south of Merhojed, along with Mirka, his sister, who will reveal he is hiding out at the Kolben farm, west of Merhojed. After a confrontation with some bandits, Henry has the option to let them kill Timmy in order to gain their trust and find the location of their camp.

How do you find out who killed Alphonse KCD?

Biography. Sir Alphonse was murdered by a bandit named Mladota.

Where does old Thomas go KCD?

If you follow banished Thomas, he will run all the way to Uzhitz tavern and then stand still there. Soon afterwards, all the other employees left the mill, even Jane's sweetheart. The Miller is convinced that they had grown lazy under Martin's foreman-ship, and were annoyed at Thomas' demand for hard workers.

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