What is Holt's secret tattoo? (2023)

Do they reveal Holt's tattoo?

Holt manages to distract the squad by revealing his tattoo: Kevin's head on Cheddar's body.

What is Captain Raymond tattoo?

Captain Holt's tattoo is a rose. The rose is a symbol of love, and Holt's tattoo represents his love for the NYPD. In the episode, Captain Holt's middle name is revealed to be Jacob, the first name of his opponent.

Does Captain Holt have a tramp stamp?


But to this day, Holt had yet to reveal what it is, or where it is on his body. During “Blue Flu,” Holt let slip to Rosa that his vintage ink is a “tramp stamp,” but the episode stopped short of revealing his body art. Jake, however, was tricked into believing that Holt's tat is a decimal point.

What is Captain Holt's iconic line?

"You gotta do whatcha gotta do. Captain Raymond Holt. What's up?" He's the man every woman wants, and the one they can never get.

What is Raymond Holts IQ?

high IQ (not low IQ) 94.6.

Where is Raymond Holt's tattoo?

He has a tattoo on his lower back of Kevin's head on Cheddar's body. He is right-handed.

Is Kelly Scully's dog or wife?

Kelly is Norm Scully's ex-wife. She shares a name with Scully's dog, also named Kelly.

What tattoo is on Johnny Depp?

The number three. "I like the number three," Depp told The Post. The number, according to Johnny, is "magic" to him, and that is why he has it on his left hand. He also has the number on his left arm.

What is Eddie's tattoo in Stranger things?

According to Stranger Things makeup artist Amy L. Forsythe, Joseph Quinn himself lent a helping hand in choosing Eddie's tattoos, which included a skull and spider on his chest, bats on his arms, and a puppet master.

Does Jake get Holts watch?

In the episode, Jake and Holt continue with their annual Halloween contests. This time, Jake has until midnight to steal Holt's watch or he will do five weeks of overtime for free. Jake, with help from the precinct, manages to get the watch from a criminal.

Does Jake see Holt as a dad?

Jake accidentally calls Holt "dad" in front of the precinct, revealing how he sees Holt as a father figure.

Why does Holt leave the 99?

Holt and Kevin were set to renew their vows, and Holt had decided to retire from the NYPD in order to fully commit himself to his marriage.

Does Holt leave the 99 Season 8?

The big revelation is that Holt is retiring! The captain doesn't want to tell Amy (Melissa Fumero), since the news would devastate her and they're working on the police reform proposal.


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