Is Sprite in love with Kingo? (2023)

Who is Sprite in love with?

Sprite was motivated by her hidden love for Ikaris, and was even willing to turn on the group for him, fighting against them in an attempt to ensure the Emergence takes place, not sharing Ikaris' devotion to the Celestial plan, her devotion to him alone.

Who does Sprite have a crush on Eternals?

Throughout the movie, it is also revealed that Sprite has been in love with Ikaris for many years. Her appearance caused an unrequited love to develop, preventing them from ever being together.

Is Sprite from Eternals queer?

In Eternals, the character of Sprite (Lia McHugh) is written as cisgender; however, her character is set up in such a way that she represents a queer narrative and is open to queer reads.

Why is Sprite in love with Ikaris?

Unable to grow up physically, but experiencing everything like an adult, has put Sprite in a position of longing for a normal life (including falling in love with a partner), which is something that Sersi and Ikaris have done. This envy drives her decision to help Ikaris, the secret villain of Eternals.

Is Sprite a Nonbinary eternal?

Sprite is a boy in the original comics, but here he's one of many characters that has been gender-swapped for the movie.

Is Sprite eternal a boy or girl?

She appears as an adolescent girl and has been stuck looking like a child for over a millennium. Initially living with Sersi in England, the return of the Deviants prompts Sprite to join Ikaris and Sersi as they reconnect the rest of the Eternals to fight this threat.

What did Druig hit Sprite with?

When Sersi was running to stop Tiamut's Emergence, Sprite stabbed Sersi in the chest with her dagger, but Druig hit Sprite on the head with a rock and Sersi transformed the dagger into water to take it out of her chest.

Will there be an Eternals 2?

Back in August 2022, Patton Oswalt – who appeared in the credit scene of the first movie as Pip the Troll – said that Eternals 2 had been announced, leading Marvel fans to think he might have spoiled a D23 Expo announcement.

How old is Sprite physically?

Sprite is thought to have been born around 1000 years ago, though he has claimed to be millions of years old.

Who is LGBT Eternals?

In Eternals, Phastos (played by Brian Tyree Henry) is a married gay man with a young son, and his family life is entwined into the heart of the story.

How does Phastos have a child?

Starting a Family

Many decades later, Phastos met Ben Stoss, with them started dating and eventually getting married. They had a son, named Jack Stoss, and all three of them lived in a heavily protected house in Chicago.

Who kisses Phastos?

So it was also critical for Zhao that Phastos and Ben have a moment of genuine, physical love between them, presented as a passionate kiss before Phastos leaves his family to go save the world.

Are Ikaris and Druig brothers?

Druig is the son of Valkin and cousin to Ikaris. In modern times, Druig served as an agent of the KGB in Russia and found that he enjoyed torturing people.

Why did Ikaris fly into Sun?

Finally, after his betrayal of his fellow Eternals to serve the Celestials and the reveal that he had murdered Ajak himself, Ikaris was overcome with guilt and flew into the sun to his death.

Who did Ikaris marry?

Marrying Sersi

After working with each other over the centuries to pass by, Ikaris had formed a close relationship with his partner and confidante, Sersi, eventually falling in love with her, and eventually marrying her.

What God is Sprite based on?

Sprite (Lia McHugh) is one of the Eternals who does have a clear god attached to their story. One might look at her ability to create incredibly realistic illusions and be reminded of Loki's similar powers, which makes sense as Sprite seems to be based on the trickster archetype.

Why is it called Sprite?

Lippincott created the name Sprite for the Coca-Cola Company's lemon-lime soft drink in 1961. The word means “elf, fairy, or goblin,” and comes from the Latin spiritus, for spirit.

How old is Sprite Eternals human years?

In Sprite's case, she can manipulate images around her, creating mirages or hiding objects in plain sight. However, Sprite is also a seven thousand years old person in the body of a child, which stops her from blending in like the other Eternals.

Why can't Sprite age?

Even in Marvel Comics, Sprite is the youngest looking Eternal out of the group of heroes – even though Sprite is depicted as a male character in the source material. All of the Eternals were created at the same time and made immortal, meaning they all carry the same age and never grow older.

Why can't Sprite be with Ikaris?

She is in love with fellow Eternal Ikaris (Richard Madden). He can never reciprocate her feelings, and not just because he loves Sersi (Gemma Chan). The physical incompatibility makes it impossible for Ikaris to ever see Sprite as anything except a friend.

Will Sprite be in Eternals 2?

Exclusive: Lia McHugh, who played Sprite in Eternals, says she would love to cameo in future MCU movies and hopes to return in Eternals 2. Eternals star Lia McHugh teases the possibility of her character, Sprite, returning in future MCU movies.

Who is Druig in love with?

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Marvel Studios' Eternals, now in theaters. Eternals actor Barry Keoghan recently admitted he was surprised to learn that his character Druig would be romantically involved with Lauren Ridloff's Makkari in the film.

What does Druig call Makkari?

My beautiful, beautiful Makkari

Druig calls her “beautiful Makkari” earlier in the film too, ironically when they were attempting to barter for the Emerald Tablet, making this moment even more swoon-worthy.

Are Makkari and Druig a thing?

Yes, they loved each other, but their relationship didn't have a sturdy foundation of trust. In contrast, you may have teared up a bit near the film's end when it initially appeared that Ikaris killed Druig, leading Makkari to cry out for the first time all movie in pain.

Did ikaris survive the sun?

Guilt-ridden over his betrayal to Arishem and his actions against his fellow Eternals, Ikaris leaves earth and flies into the sun, ending his life.

Who is Thanos's brother?

Thanos now appeared at the trial and testified that his brother, Starfox, inspired his obsession with Death when they were children, when attempting to make young Thanos accept the death of an animal he had involuntarily killed with his enormous strength.

How many Eternals are left?

With Ajak and Gilgamesh (Don Lee) dead, that leaves Sersi, Phastos, Kingo, Makkari, Druig, and Thena as the surviving members of Arishem's original team. Within that remaining six, the Eternals split off into two groups.

Is Sprite a nymph?

A sprite is a supernatural entity in European mythology. They are often depicted as fairy-like creatures or as an ethereal entity.
Sprite (folklore)
GroupingLegendary creature Pixie Fairy

How old is Druig Eternals?

Druig, like every Eternal, was created by the Celestials one million years ago and has looked after humanity ever since.

Why does Sprite stay a child?

The Eternals were all created at the same time and sent to Earth together, meaning they all have the same age, but Sprite was made to look like a 12-year-old – and as they were made to be technically immortal (as they could be killed by Deviants), they never aged, so Sprite was destined to look like a teenager forever.

Can Eternals be pregnant?

The Eternals were seemingly able to reproduce with other species, including at least the Earth Deviants (stated to be "artificial Eternals"), with multiple reports of pregnancy.

Can Eternals have babies?

Eternals have a low birth rate; they can interbreed with humans but the result is always a normal human (although Joey Athena, son of Thena and a normal human seems to have become an Eternal with long lived properties and powers).

Why is makkari a girl in Eternals?

The arrival of the Dark Celestials was the last drop, and he despaired, having turned against his kind or committed suicide. After his resurrection, Makkari changed sexes into a woman.

Does Ikaris have a kid?

While fighting the Deviants in ancient Greece, the man eventually known as Ikaris meets and weds a human woman. Together they bear a son named Icarus, who loves to soar with his father high above the seas and mountains of Greece.

Did Phastos make the 10 rings?

Phastos is the only person in the MCU intelligent and powerful enough to create a powerful set of artifacts like the Ten Rings. Eternals established that Phastos can literally make anything he can imagine.

Is Thena pregnant in Eternals?

Becoming a mother. A couple decades later, Thena and Kro met once again and made love during a war in Southeast Asia, [note 1] resulting in Thena becoming pregnant with his twin heirs.

Who is thena dating in Eternals?

Thena was reunited with Kro, and publicly declared herself to be an Eternal. After Kro called a truce, he brought her to the Deviant city of Lemuria to try to resume his relationship with her.

Who is Eternals boyfriend?

Marvel audiences have already got to know Dane Whitman a little bit from Eternals, as he entered the film as the boyfriend of Sersei, one of the Eternals.

Who is Phastos married to in the comics?

Mrs. Stoss is the human wife of Phastos whom was known as Phillip Stoss. She was unaware of his life as a Eternals.

How old is Sprite as a human?

Sprite is thought to have been born around 1000 years ago, though he has claimed to be millions of years old.

Is Sprite like Loki?

Just like Loki, Sprite is an alien being. She has lived seven-thousand years, having first arrived on Earth around 5000 B.C. Because of this, both the Eternals and Loki's Asgardian family have been called gods.

How is Sprite related to Sersi?

However, Sprite is also a seven thousand years old person in the body of a child, which stops her from blending in like the other Eternals. That's why, when all is settled at the end of Eternals, Sersi (Gemma Chan) uses the energy of a dead Celestial to turn Sprite into a human, who'll grow old and eventually die.

Is Sprite a hero or villain?

Sprite is a major antagonist in Eternals, the twenty-sixth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She is an Eternal engineered by Arishem the Judge to advance human society on Earth to prepare the planet for the Emergence of a new Celestial, Tiamut.

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