Is Sprite a boy or girl in Eternals? (2023)

Is Sprite in the Eternals a girl?

She appears as an adolescent girl and has been stuck looking like a child for over a millennium. Initially living with Sersi in England, the return of the Deviants prompts Sprite to join Ikaris and Sersi as they reconnect the rest of the Eternals to fight this threat.

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Is Sprite non binary Eternals?

In Eternals, the character of Sprite (Lia McHugh) is written as cisgender; however, her character is set up in such a way that she represents a queer narrative and is open to queer reads.

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Why is Sprite played by a girl?

We wanted somebody who was from that region to sort of pay homage to that, so in talking about it, it just made sense to gender swap her. Salma Hayek was amazing." Talking about the character of Sprite, Moore added, "Sprite, the boy who never grew up, is something you've seen a lot.

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Why does Sprite in Eternals look like a boy?

In the comics, Sprite is also the youngest-looking Eternal and he's actually a boy (she and Ajak are the only characters who were gender-swapped in the MCU's Eternals), but there's no exact reason why he was made to look like a teen, but when looking at their powers, it makes sense why the writers give them that ...

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Who is Sprite in love with?

Sprite was motivated by her hidden love for Ikaris, and was even willing to turn on the group for him, fighting against them in an attempt to ensure the Emergence takes place, not sharing Ikaris' devotion to the Celestial plan, her devotion to him alone.

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Why can't Sprite be with Ikaris?

She is in love with fellow Eternal Ikaris (Richard Madden). He can never reciprocate her feelings, and not just because he loves Sersi (Gemma Chan). The physical incompatibility makes it impossible for Ikaris to ever see Sprite as anything except a friend.

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Is Sprite from Eternals LGBTQ?

Sprite, a cisgender character in Eternals, is written as a transgender woman; however, her character is framed in such a way that it appears as a coming-of-age story that she is open to reading. Eternals, a LGBTQ superhero, debuted in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Is Sprite a human now?

However, Sprite is also a seven thousand years old person in the body of a child, which stops her from blending in like the other Eternals. That's why, when all is settled at the end of Eternals, Sersi (Gemma Chan) uses the energy of a dead Celestial to turn Sprite into a human, who'll grow old and eventually die.

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Is Mystique gender Fluid?

Some characters like Mystique or Jacob Gavin have also been described as genderfluid by fans, and while I do not want to invalidate the way these characters have been interpreted by fans, their actual portrayal in-universe doesn't match the definition of genderfluidity.

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Is Sprite supposed to be a boy?

Sprite is a boy in the original comics, but here he's one of many characters that has been gender-swapped for the movie.

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Will there be an Eternals 2?

Eternals 2 has become one of the most anticipated movies. Seems like we are kept in the dark and the sequel is already confirmed.

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Why is makkari deaf?

Eternals Theory Suggests Makkari Being Deaf Is Its Own Power

One that has been debated in different forums suggests that Makkari's Deafness is part of her powers as it allows her to embrace their full potential.

Is Sprite a boy or girl in Eternals? (2023)
Why doesn't Sprite age?

Like all Eternals, Sprite was granted immortality by the dangerously powerful alien Celestials, and because of this gift, never ages. Each death and subsequent resurrection typically will return members of the Eternals to a "default" state, mostly identical to their previous incarnations.

Why did the Celestials make Sprite a child?

As Sprite is destined to look like a kid forever, this meant that any chance of love or a relationship was off the table. The film saw Sprite morph into an older girl during the beginning of the film, in order to seem physically attractive to the opposite sex.

Will Sprite be in Eternals 2?

Exclusive: Lia McHugh, who played Sprite in Eternals, says she would love to cameo in future MCU movies and hopes to return in Eternals 2. Eternals star Lia McHugh teases the possibility of her character, Sprite, returning in future MCU movies.

Was Sprite a boy in the comics?

Notes. For most of Sprite's publishing history, Sprite was male. Shortly prior to the release of the Eternals movie, it was revealed that it is common for Eternals to change their appearances (and/or gender) upon their rebirth every 20 or 25,000 years or so.

How old is Sprite as a human?

Sprite is thought to have been born around 1000 years ago, though he has claimed to be millions of years old.

Are Ikaris and Druig brothers?

Druig is the son of Valkin and cousin to Ikaris. In modern times, Druig served as an agent of the KGB in Russia and found that he enjoyed torturing people.

Is Sprite in love with Icarus?

Sprite being in love with Ikaris propels her to see him as the Eternals' true leader over Sersi and leads the forever-child to side with him during Eternals' climactic ending and final battle.

Was Gilgamesh in Thor?

But of even greater interest is Gilgamesh's mention that he assisted Odin at the battle of Tønsberg, seen at the start of the first Thor film.

Why did Icarus fly to the sun Eternals?

Finally, after his betrayal of his fellow Eternals to serve the Celestials and the reveal that he had murdered Ajak himself, Ikaris was overcome with guilt and flew into the sun to his death.

Who kisses Phastos?

So it was also critical for Zhao that Phastos and Ben have a moment of genuine, physical love between them, presented as a passionate kiss before Phastos leaves his family to go save the world.

What is special about Sprite?

Crisp, refreshing and clean-tasting, Sprite is a lemon and lime-flavoured soft drink. It first hit shop shelves back in 1961 and today it's sold in more than 190 countries. Crisp, refreshing and clean-tasting, Sprite is a lemon and lime-flavoured soft drink.

Why is Sprite always a child?

Sprite's body is augmented by cosmic energy, like other Earth Eternals, and has complete control over his molecular structure. As a result, he can change his physical appearance and apparent age, but will always be mentally a child, and be treated as such by other Eternals.

What myth is Sprite based on?

Sprite. Sprite (Lia McHugh) is one of the Eternals who does have a clear god attached to their story. One might look at her ability to create incredibly realistic illusions and be reminded of Loki's similar powers, which makes sense as Sprite seems to be based on the trickster archetype.

How did Sprite become a thing?

The lemon-lime drink known today as Sprite was developed in West Germany in 1959 as Fanta Klare Zitrone ("Fanta Clear Lemon" in English) and was introduced in the United States under the Sprite name in 1961 as a competitor to 7 Up.

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