How Do I Connect Two TV’s to One Satellite Receiver? | POYNT360 (2023)

How Do I Connect Two TV’s to One Satellite Receiver? | POYNT360 (1)

Do you live in a busy home with multiple people wishing to watch TV in different rooms? If so, you may have wondered, how do I connect two TV’s to one satellite receiver? Though it technically is possible to connect a second TV to your current satellite receiver it may not be worthwhile to do so.

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In order to connect two TV’s to one satellite Receiver you would need to install an aftermarket multi-switch to your current receiver. This could be problematic and may not offer you what you were hoping to achieve. Outside of the switch being somewhat difficult to install, it may also void any warranty on your receiver if you are not the owner of it. Always consider checking with your satellite TV provider before making any alterations to a satellite receiver that you are renting.

Additionally, using a multi-switch to use one satellite receiver for two TV’s will only allow one picture to broadcast on both TV’s. You will not have the functionality of watching more than one program on your receiver. This may be ideal if you are simply looking to play one program in different areas of the house. But it will not be effective in allowing you to watch separate programs at the same time.

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What Are My Options?

If you are renting a receiver and are looking to view more than one program at a time, you should contact your satellite TV provider. Many satellite TV providers will offer you preferred rates for having more than one receiver in your home.

A second receiver is often the best choice for many families. If your provider does not offer discounted or free rentals of a second receiver you may be able to purchase one second hand. Keep an eye on local buy/sell/trade pages for more options for you home. Having a second receiver will offer you more options and better value when watching programs on more than one TV.

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How Do I Connect Two TV’s to One Satellite Receiver? | POYNT360 (2)

Need a Better Satellite TV Provider?

Are you having difficulty finding the ideal solution to watch more programs on the TV’s in your home? It may be time to move to a better satellite TV provider. At POYNT360 we bring you the best satellite TV experience and best customer service. By bringing you giving you high quality Shaw Direct Satellite TV, we ensure that you get all the programs you need for a price you can feel good about.

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Unlike other big brand satellite TV providers we give you more. We pride ourselves in our customer service and go above and beyond to make your satellite TV experience a great one. We bring you the flexibility of no long-term contracts while also giving you free equipment rentals and installation. We can even take care of your high-speed internet needs too!

Connecting two TV’s to one satellite receiver isn’t convenient. Contact POYNT360 today and let us help you get Shaw Direct Satellite TV to every TV in your home.

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