Car Rental Out of State - What to Take into Account? - (2023)

Are you still planning your vacation? Car rental out of state may be not a moment too soon. Most car rental agencies in USA don’t mind you to take a vehicle out of state. Others go against it. Here you can read how to book a cheap car to cross the state border with unlimited miles and no additional fees.

Crossing the Border in a Rental Car

Here are TOP pressing questions you always ask when trying to find a good company to deal with. It is time to throw light on a problem.

Is it real to take a car for rent to drop it off out of state?

There are agencies that can hardly allow you to go out of your state by their car. But many big agencies are ready for cooperation. Of course, everything is not that simple. Even if there are no special rules and restrictions for taking a car out of state, there can be other things to consider.

Unlimited mileage for a rental car out of state is a standard option at most companies. What does it mean? You are free to drive your car as long as you want with no mileage limitations. Nevertheless, it is better to discuss it at the counter and read your rental contract attentively. Such heavy vehicles as SUVs, vans, minivans offer unlimited miles only within the limits of your state.

Speaking about crossing international borders, it is usually prohibited to go to Mexico or Canada for free. You may be charged with cross-border fees or pay for insurance.

How do they know if you cross the state border?

All companies equip their vehicles with GPS trackers. They follow your location and surely know if you cross the border or not. It is better to come clean about your real plans to take your vehicle out of state.

Why can’t you drive a car over the state border?

Most car hiring agencies don’t mind if you ask for car rental out of state, but some of them charge an extra fee for crossing the state or country border. So, if you need car rental out of state, make sure your agency supports this idea and gives no penalties. If they have any, try to find another company. Don’t try to break the rules. Remember, a rental car is your responsibility while you are driving.

What car rental agencies in USA give you a car to drop it off out of state?

Have you already booked a car to go over the state border? Check if the rental offer includes unlimited mileage. All agencies make their specific rules and mileage restrictions. If you go over the limit, you are obliged to pay per each mile.

What rental agencies let you drive out of state?

As it was said before, you can find many different rental agencies that allow out of state driving. Just a few of them charge you with an extra fee or limit your miles. All agencies that support you in your international traveling in one or another way can be divided into 3 big groups:

  • Avis, Budget, and Payless belong to Avis Group;
  • Hertz, Thrifty, Dollar belong to Hertz Holdings;
  • Enterprise, Alamo, National belong to Enterprise Holdings.

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Which agencies don’t count your miles when crossing the border?

Enterprise gasoline policy limits miles only for cars of Large, SUV, and exotic class. You will pay $0.10 – $0.20 for each over a mile.

Hertz unlimited mileage out of state policy supports you in your out of state trip for free if you follow the USAA/Hertz program.

Avis car rental out of state policy allows unlimited mileage in the USA.

Dollar gives you the green light to cross the border with unlimited mileage.

Thrifty allows driving a car with unlimited mileage over the state borders.

Budget car rental out of state policy allows unlimited mileage to all vehicle types.

Alamo rental restrictions limit your mileage on some locations. Each additional mile will cost you about $0.20.

National policy allows taking a car out of state with no limits on some locations. If the car has limited mileage, each over a mile will cost about $0.25

Does Enterprise give you a car to drive it over the state border?

Enterprise car rental policy supports you in driving the vehicle to the USA or Canada.

Does Hertz allow taking a car out of state?

Hertz vehicles may be driven out of state or country. There are states where limited miles are charged. The company calculates the mileage you need for your trip. You will be charged for an excess mileage in accordance with contract terms.

Does Dollar allow taking a car for an international trip?

At most Dollar car rental locations you can’t take a car from the USA to Canada. It is better to check limitations at the Dollar rental car locations.

Does Ace rental car allow their cars to take out of state?

If you are going to take a car out of state or one-way rental to specific locations, fees and vehicle restrictions may apply. You may have about 200 miles per day. Vehicles are never permitted to travel into Mexico.

Cross-border fees

Rental agencies provide different conditions for car rental out of state, like limited mileage, insurance, additional charges. The price is usually about $25/$30 per rental. It varies and depends on the location and the company’s rules. Thus, you can’t drive a vehicle from the USA to Mexico without buying a Mexico Insurance. You don’t need problems and delays on the go. That’s why just share your plans with the rental manager and learn all you should know about extra fees for hiring a car with out of state license.

Rental agencyCross-border fee
AvisFree border crossing
BudgetFree border crossing
PaylessFree in the USA

Written authorization is needed to get to Mexico and Canada

Hertz$ 8.75 per day
DollarDepends on the location
ThriftyFree border crossing
EnterpriseFree border crossing
NationalFree in the USA

Mexico insurance is needed (Economy car – $35 a day)

AlamoFree in the USA

Mexico insurance is needed (Economy car – $35 a day)

FoxFree in the USA

Mexico insurance is needed (Economy car – $35 a day)

To get to Canada you need to hire a car from the FOX Seattle location.

Does driving a rental car out of state increase fee?

Most of the rental agencies don’t charge fees for driving over the state. Just a few of them do! The price can be different at different locations. So it is important to check the car rental policy before you go and chose the best for you.

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Car Rental Out Of State – Useful Tips

Need the best transport for out of state travel? These cross-border rental tips will help you get a good deal and find the cheapest car for out of state trip. Just make sure you have all the needed documents and drive safely.

How to book a car for cheap to drive over the border?

Be Honest

Planning to cross the state or country border, don’t forget to inform the rental agent about your plans. Of course, it may happen that you’ll be charged an extra fee for crossing the border. Some rental agencies don’t allow their cars to go out of state or have special locations for that. Nevertheless, you can avoid a sizable penalty for being quiet or a damaged car.

Unlimited Mileage

Almost all big rental agencies provide a policy of unlimited mileage. Try to find a company that follows this policy even for cross-border cars. If you avoid limitations you waive the extra mileage fee.

Check one-way deals

You have a plan to go over the state border. You want to find the best car rental out of state. Start checking what the agencies have to offer. If they don’t let their cars to go abroad, look into one-way rentals. It happens that those companies that have geographic restrictions, often waive their cross-border rules when a driver has a one-way journey

Full Tank

Try to return the car FULL. As a rule, car rental companies oblige you to drop off a full vehicle. Don’t break the rule so that you’ll be charged.

Hunt for discounts.

Hunting for the cheapest car rental out of state, check the application of discount code or coupon to your rental.

Once you’ve made your reservation, don’t be afraid to make changes if you find a lower price or change the route.

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